EMSELLA vs. Kegels: Why Emsella Treatment Kent is the Superior Choice

For a long time, kegel exercises have been touted as the go-to solution for people seeking to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. However, we now have a more advanced, effective, and comfortable solution to this age-old problem – EMSELLA. Here at LIPO 360 we’re going to explore the benefits of EMSELLA and why it is the superior choice when compared to kegel exercises.

emsella treatment

The Efficiency of EMSELLA treatment Kent

EMSELLA treatment Kent uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves (HIFEM) to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles repeatedly. This results in a stronger and more toned pelvic floor, reducing the likelihood of incontinence, pelvic pain, and other related issues. Our sessions last around 30 minutes with just one EMSELLA session provides the equivalent of 11,000 kegel contractions, which would require more than three months of kegel exercises.

The Comfort of EMSELLA

While kegel exercises require physical effort, EMSELLA is FDA approved non-invasive and doesn’t require any physical effort on your part. While our LIPO 360 clinicians will do the treatment you can relax while sitting on the EMSELLA chair as it sends energy to the pelvic muscles, causing them to contract and relax, almost like a workout without the physical effort. It’s also important to note that EMSELLA does not have any known side effects.


While kegel exercises might seem like an affordable solution, when you factor in the time required to achieve the desired results, frequent reminders, and small bladder leakages over the years, the costs add up. EMSELLA provides better results in less time and reduces the likelihood of future medical bills. Also, the EMSELLA treatment is usually completed over a few weeks and does not require time spent out of work – unlike surgeries that require weeks of recovery. 

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Suitable for Everyone

At Lipo 360 we treat a range of clients whether older individuals , post pregnancy and males who may not benefit greatly from kegel exercises are highly recommended for EMSELLA treatment. While kegel exercises can be difficult for some groups, the EMSELLA treatment is adjustable to suit the patient’s needs and goals, making it an excellent solution for people of all ages and genders.

The Benefits of EMSELLA treatment Kent Over Time

Our EMSELLA treatment provides long-term benefits. Our clients say after a few weeks of EMSELLA sessions, your pelvic floor muscles will be stronger, and you’ll experience a reduction in bladder leakages, pelvic pain, and other related issues. The effects of kegel exercises, on the other hand, diminish over time and require consistent upkeep to stay effective.

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All things considered, EMSELLA treatment Kent is a groundbreaking and superior solution to kegel exercises. It’s quick, gentle, and effective, meaning it’s perfect for people of all ages and genders. 

In addition, it requires almost no physical effort and is non-invasive, leading to a relaxing experience for patients undergoing EMSELLA treatment. The benefits of EMSELLA only increase over time, providing a long-term solution to pelvic floor muscle problems. It’s no wonder at LIPO 360 that EMSELLA has become so popular as a solution for patients with incontinence.